3rd meeting Barcelona

The third project meeting with all core partners took place in Barcelona and was organized by the Asociación Catalana Internacionalización del Talento (ACIT).
During the first day of the meeting proposals on the project’s website were presented and discussed and the majority of the project partners agreed on one proposal. Another main topic for the day was the decision-making for a project flyer, which will be provided in all languages of the project partners.  

Afterwards information on the database followed. The structure of the database was presented, discussed and some adoptions were proposed. It was noted that a statistic tool for the acquisition and development of the mobility rates will be included in the database. A training concerning the use of this database will take place in Cologne. Furthermore, the matrices with the partial competences were completed in the working groups. The consortium also came to an agreement on the final version of assessment tools for the mobilities.

On the second day of the meeting the ECVET documents and tools were presented and all partners agreed to use them for the mobilities planned. In this regard a workshop concerning the organization of mobilities for the teachers of the German Berufskollegs is planned and will take place in Cologne.

At the end of the meeting the main topic was the organization of the internships. Fifty mobilities are aimed to test the developed tools. For this purpose the distribution of the final matrices to all partners is planned in the next steps.
Target audience: Core partners

Time and place: 3th – 4th of June, 2014 , Asociación Catalana Internacionalización del Talento (ACIT), Barcelona